30+ Hilarious $5 Gag Gift Ideas That Will Make Them ROFL

Holidays, birthdays, and everything in between, where gift exchanging is the norm, can become too emotional a little too fast. So, why not prank your friends and loved ones with some fun gag gifts? They'll lighten the mood after everyone feels a little too warm and fuzzy. Plus, the recipient will always remember you by the gag gift that you got them.

Who knows, this might even turn into a yearly tradition, where everyone can compete on who brought the best gag gift of all. Sounds fun, doesn't it? So, to make sure that you bring the most hilarious and the best gag gift of all, that too, in just $5, we have compiled a list of all the best $5 gag gift ideas for you.

What Is A Gag Gift?

Now, first thing's first. To make sure that your gift is truly a gag gift, we need to make sure that we understand what a gag gift really is. According to the urban dictionary, a gag gift is a gift that is specifically given for the purpose of some type of comedic effect.

All in all, it doesn't matter if it makes your friend angry, as long as it's hilarious to look at with context, it is a gag gift. So, here are some of the best $5 gag gift ideas for you.

Featured $5 Gag Gift Ideas

Certified Pain In The Ass Gum

1. Certified Pain In The Ass Gum

Do you want to give your friend who is overly fond of cinnamon gum the perfect gag gift? Well, this one is for you then. A gag gift doesn't have to be something elaborate. It can be incredibly simple and still be just as funny.

That is where this gum steps in. Essentially, this gum is cinnamon flavor, it's pack is the real gag though. In huge lettering, you really can't miss it, it says "Certified Pain In The Ass".

It is honestly the perfect gag gift for someone you have a love-hate relationship with. The banter must never end. The best part is that this pack costs just $1.79. Get them multiple packs, just so they'll have to keep it for a very long time.

Nose Flute

2. Nose Flute

Know someone who loves to play the flute? Well then, this is the perfect gag gift idea for them. The nose flute is a ridiculous concept that looks equally ridiculous during usage.

So, everything about this gag gift is hilarious and truly the best gag gift for a flute enthusiast. Once opened, you can even ask the receiver to play a little tune for the audience.

Hence, a ridiculous and equally hilarious memory will be formed for years to come. You can easily find a nose flute in the US for around two dollars.

Nose Pencil Sharpener

3. Nose Pencil Sharpener

Want to get a gag gift that a stationery enthusiast can use for a very long time? The nose pencil sharpener is the perfect gag gift for them. When it comes to this nose pencil sharpener, everything about it is just ridiculous.

From its incredibly realistic appearance to how its functions, everything about this nose pencil sharpener is a gag. Just imagine the receiver having to jam their pencil in one of the nostrils to sharpen it.

In fact, you can even ask someone who lives with the receiver to snap a candid photo, we guarantee that your day would be made. The best part is that this nose pencil sharpener will just cost you around 2.3 dollars.

Sour Flush Candy

4. Sour Flush Candy

Now, who doesn't love a good toilet gag? We certainly do and we're sure that the person who you're gifting this item to will as well. Pack this tiny sour flush candy in a big box and watch as the receiver eyes light up looking at the gift.

Make sure that you have got your camera rolling just so you can capture the moment they realize what the real gift is.

Fart Stopper

5. Fart Stopper

Looking for a good gag gift for someone who is always letting it rip? The fart stopper is the perfect gag gift.

Who knows, it could also be the perfect way to tell someone to stop letting it rip in public places or near you. The fart stopper only retails for around 2.50 dollars.

While these fart stoppers can't be used, they will definitely lead to an eruption of laughter.

Grow A Girlfriend

6. Grow A Girlfriend

Know someone who is always going off about how they want to be in a relationship yet never make a move? Well then, this might be the best gag gift idea that we have got so far.

Grow a girlfriend is a gag product that has to be placed into water. The female shaped product has to be placed into water, where it will grow in the next few days. It is the perfect gag gift that will keep on going for days.

You can find this gag gift all over the US for just three dollars.

More Hilarious Gag Gift Ideas

Nature's D'ck Pics 2021 Wall Calendar

Nature's D'ck Pics 2021 Wall Calendar

Practical. Hilarious. Witty. Nature’s D*ck P*cs 2021 Calendar is quite possibly the funniest wall calendar you can buy.

The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

P Is for Pterodactyl

This whimsical, funky book from Raj Haldar (aka rapper Lushlife) turns the traditional idea of an alphabet book on its head.

Offensive Business Cards

Offensive Business Cards

Stay classy while still speaking your mind with these offensive business cards. Eight different types of insults included, you'll have an insult for a variety of situations.

The Original Toilet Mug

The Original Toilet Mug

This silly toilet-shaped mug will make your co-workers do a double take. This coffee mug is a hilarious way to start your day!

Theater of Fools Emergency Clown Nose

Emergency Clown Nose

Never leave home without one! This Emergency Clown Nose should be carried at all times ... for you never know when next you will need it!

Confetti High Five

Confetti High Five

You know that feeling when you give the perfect high-five? Multiply it by fireworks! It's high-fives on steroids!

People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book

People of Walmart.com Adult Coloring Book

This is the funniest adult coloring book I've seen- every page is a hoot and the backgrounds and borders are great.

The Official Bullsh*T Button

The Official BS Button

This straight talking BS Button allows you to call BS whenever you see it! Simply press the red buzzer to make it light up, buzz loudly and announce, That was BS!

Lazy Cell Phone Holder

The Lazy Cell Phone Holder

The lazy phone folder can in accordance with their own ideas furnishings shape, rotation. Use it on the table, the bed, the floor, the car, hands, neck and other parts.

The Mountain Men's Big Face Baby Orangutan

The Mountain Men's Big Face Baby Orangutan

Hand dyed shirt featuring a realistic, 3D, screen print graphic of a xx on a preshrunk, 100% cotton shirt dyed and printed.

Beardski Ski Mask

Beardski Ski Mask

Beardski facemask. "You don't have a second chance at life - live the adventure." - Zeke Beardski.

Bob Ross' Iconic Face on Your Waffles

Bob Ross Waffle Maker

Pour in the batter, lower the lid, and before you know it, there's Bob Ross, ready for butter and syrup.

The NoPhone Air

The NoPhone Air

The NoPhone Air is invisible phone for people who use their phone too much. It feels like nothing is in your hand because it is nothing.

Plant Urinal Prank Pack

Plant Urinal

ADD THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER to the party with this quirky and fun twist on the timeless tradition of fun gag gift.

Baby Shield Prank Pack

Baby Shield

Wrap any gift inside this Prank Pack and add an extra layer of fun and enjoyment that will have everyone in the room laughing.

Doorballs - Novelty Doorknockers

Doorballs - Novelty Doorknockers

Show the world your balls with Doorballs, a comically funny gift for men and women! Make an impression on anyone who comes banging on your door!

Does It Fart?

Does It Fart?

Dogs do it. Millipedes do it. Dinosaurs did it. You do it. I do it. Octopuses don't (and nor do octopi). Spiders might do it: more research is needed.

Half Pint Glass

Half Pint Glass

From the front, the half pint glass looks just like a full pint. Ideal for friends who aren't big drinkers but still like to fit in.

Complaint Department Ceramic Grenade Coffee Mug

Complaint Department

Stop complaining! Your co-workers will know you mean business and they better walk away when you drink from this funny coffee mug.

LOL OMG WTF Wine Glass

LOL OMG WTF Wine Glass

Finally, a Wine Glass for Every Mood! GREAT GIFT or conversation starter for your wine loving friends who enjoy a good laugh

Drinking Buddies Glass Markers

Drinking Buddies Glass Markers

Declare the bar open, your Drinking Buddies have arrived! This Party Edition pack contains 12 hunky Drink Markers and includes a pen so you can allocate each guest their own buddy for the evening.

All in all, a gag gift is a perfect gift to give someone you are incredibly close to. In fact, since all of these $5 gag gift ideas are so inexpensive you can follow up the gag gift with a real gift. So, you'll have two gag gifts in one!