Android 360 Camera: A 360° Virtual Reality World In Your Pocket

Often, we see that the standard camera doesn’t quite capture the beauty our eyes see.

We often resort to panorama, but even then, the picture seems to be incomplete. And the only way to turn the image into pure perfection is to use a camera covering 360 degrees.

And the Hyper 360 cameras come with advanced technology. They are designed to impress perfectionists like you who wants to take great pictures.

They come with two F2.0, 210-degree fish-eye lenses. And you can take high definition pictures with it. You can even record videos at a resolution of 2560 * 1280 at 30 fps.

The best part about these cameras is their accessibility. You have to connect them to your phone with the USB port.

And you can control the camera with your phone easily. It is incredibly light as well, so you won’t face any problem regarding handling it. You can take the perfect pictures with the Hyper 360

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