Crochet Gift Ideas

No matter how good you are at gift giving, at some point, even you will draw a blank. It can get difficult to come up with the perfect present, and despite being a pro with your selection tactics, picking the correct crochet gift from someone will throw your mind off schedule. And the charm of a handmade gift is truly different from something you can pick or order from a store. After all, what’s something that strikes the right balance between crafty and useful?

So today, we’ve made a list of some of the best crochet gift ideas to hook you up with an amazing gift for your family member or friend, whether it be for Christmas or a birthday. If the recipient appreciates the fine art of crocheting, you can be sure they will love your gesture. These are gifts that anyone can make and perfect. Time to grab your crochet hooks and get on it!

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1. Crochet Laptop Case

You can easily crochet a gorgeous laptop case in just a couple of hours and make something that’s super functional and artsy at the same time. You’ll also be getting the opportunity to experiment with various colors of yarn. The case will be simple – the laptop will effortlessly slide into it, a secure latch will keep it from moving around, and it looks very neat when held. If the recipient can’t go anywhere without their precious laptop, this soft yarn case will keep their laptop close, and your gestures closer.

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2. Crochet Infinity Scarf

An infinity scarf that they will be able to get much use of it as well as enjoy wearing! The easy-to-make pattern is so foolproof that even if your mess up with a few stitches, the results won’t be that visible. Ideally, the scarf should be about 50 to 60 inches long after it’s finished. You can also add a button tie embellishment. If you were looking for a crochet gift idea that stylish and quick, look no further.

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3. Crochet Baby Cardigan

Attending a friend’s or family member’s or colleague’s baby shower and give them something thoughtful for their upcoming child, this baby cardigan is just the one. You can look into multiple patterns on the internet that come with step by step thorough instructions so you can breeze through the process. Experiment with colors and embellishments so the baby can stay cozy and stylish. It should only take a few hours to complete even if it’s the first time you crocheted.

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4. Crochet Trivet

With Christmas gone by and New Year’s arriving, there’s no shame in accepting that even the best of the organized fall short on gift buying at times. On times like those, a trivet will let you get creative without taking up too much time. There’s plenty of opportunity to practice those simple crochet stitches and you will be able to find many beautiful crochet trivet ideas online. And since it’s so easy to make, you could probably finish and give this gift with a few days to spare.

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5. Crochet Beaded Necklace

Although a bit different than the other crochet projects, the crochet beaded necklace is just as east. But instead of yarn, you’re crocheting beads. This jewelry idea is incredibly simply yet wholesome. The best part is that it would take about a few hours to complete, making it an ideal gift for when you’re facing a time crunch. Anyone who has a knack for unique jewelry will get a kick out of this present.

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6. Crochet Chain Necklace

Take on afternoon – that’s all you need to complete a beginner level crochet chain necklace. Again, if the recipient loves unique jewelry and crafty gift ideas, this is perfect. You can easily find many examples on the internet, or pick up a crocheting book for pattern instructions that are easy to follow. Hook up a nice crochet necklace by interlinking chains. How about getting a bit brave and trying color changing? Do two colors and change the color on every link.

More Hilarious Gag Gift Ideas

Crochet Hot Pad

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These things were super big in the 70s, and you can expect to see almost every other grandma having a crocheted hot pad. Ranging from simple, one pattern designs to some of the most intricately detailed variations, crochet hot pads offer a wonderful opportunity for you to test your skills. A minimalistic one shouldn’t take more than an hour. Flowers are super common design that are blissfully easy to make, so as a newbie, you would enjoy this. One more addition to the list of smart crochet gift ideas on the very last minute.

Crochet Grocery Bag

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Gifts that are practical as well as beautiful are gifts that we love to receive. Give someone a crochet grocery bag and they will thank you every time they pull it out to take it to the local store, or go on a picnic, or simply match this with their #OOTD. This can also be used as a regular tote bag or a beach bag, depending on how it’s used.

Crochet Hook Case

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If the present is for a fellow crochet lover, go for an easy crochet hook case. The separate sections make it so much easier to keep those hooks organized. Most of the patterns are very simply to make and easy to pull off so you might just consider making one for yourself.

Crochet Pencil Holder

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No matter how some people disregard it as a myth, pencil organizing is a thing, and a crochet pencil holder is what you need to keep your pencils in order. You can try out various designs with interchanging patterns, embellishments, bows, and what not! A rose shape is sublimely easy and will look super chic standing on a desk. Well, don’t be daunted by the designs you find on books or guides because most of the time, they look much more complex than they really are. Give the project a day and you should be done.

Crochet Yarn Holder

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Try crocheting a yarn holder for someone who loves the craft just as much as you do. The holder prevents the center pull yarn from entangling into a disastrous web. The crochet project can also be tucked into it to keep it from unravelling or tangling and the hooks will fit in there perfectly. If the gift recipient loves crocheting, this gift will show them how much respect you have for their art. Plus it’s super simply to make and shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete.

Crochet Egg Bag

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An adorable egg bag that doubles as a wristlet is what every grandma wishes she had. There is a wide range of creative designs available on the internet, from minimal flower patterns to one inspired by the dragon eggs of Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Since the pattern is easily customizable and can be found inspired by various references, it’s a great gift idea for a lot of people. Find out what they like and crochet something meaningful. Keep in mind that if you work the crochet bag from the interior, the petals rise up but if you work it from the exterior, the petals lay down. Decide which one you want before starting.

Crochet Headband

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A cute little headband for a pre-teen or teenager that will definitely tickle their artistic side. Crochet headbands give you the chance to practice double crochet stitches and chains. Pick out a simple pattern if you’re a newbie and get comfortable working with chains. These projects don’t usually demand a ton of yarn, so if there’s any left over from another project, make good use of it for a present! You can also make multiple of these and keep them on hand for instant crochet gifts when needed.

Crochet Dishcloth

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Crochet dishcloths are so effective in scrubbing dishes that you will regret not knowing about their power till now (if you were unaware, that is). You can double them as washcloths, making them the perfect kitchen buddy. They’re also some of the easiest projects to crochet. Majority of the patterns and designs online are super beginner friendly so you can comfortably follow through even if you’re never picked up crochet hooks in your life. Really, we aren’t joking! How else could you make one in 15 minutes and under?

Crochet Bookmark

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Bet you never thought of this! A perfect gift for the bookworms, a crochet bookmark is pleasantly simple to make and an ideal present for people of all ages. You won’t need much yarn for this either. Depending on how quick you work, a decent project should take no more than an hour. Speaking of bookworms, how about a cute little worm design?

Bottom Line

Crocheting is a skill that requires many years of devotion and practice to perfect, but it’s also welcoming to beginners so you can pick it up for short term projects. Did you find the perfect crochet gift idea from us?