DroneX: Take The Flyest Selfies Ever Leave a comment

Although drones were developed by the military for surveillance, it slowly became a great device for taking pictures and shooting videos.

People usually hesitate to buy a drone because they can’t carry it everywhere. However, the solution is now at hand.

The Drone 720x is a tiny drone that weighs only 85 grams and it fits right into your pockets. You can fly it for 8 minutes straight at a range of 70 meters. The best part is, you can take pictures and videos with its built-in camera.

It can be controlled with your smartphone and it is very easy to control. You need to prior knowledge or experience to get started. The drone can speed up to 80 km/h as well!

If you are in need of a pocket size, super-fast drone you want to take pictures and videos with, the Drone 720x is definitely recommended.

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