8 Funny Gift Wrapping Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

Holiday season is here and people are already gearing up for gifting their loved ones. With gifts, come gift boxes. And gift boxes mean gift wrappers. This is where many show their ultimate creativity. Some go for pretty and eye-catching wrappers. However, gift wrappers can also be fun!

You can show your pranking creativity with some funny gift wrapping ideas. It sure would make the person receiving the gift laugh out loud (or fume in anger). With the internet existing, you don’t have to look much about ideas. We’ve researched and found some funny gift wrapping ideas for you. Have a look!

1. Party Popper!

This one is old but gold. To pull this off, you’d first need a party popper. The plan is to twist the bottom and the top should be coming out of the confetti. At first, wrap the party paper using a simple wrapping paper. Add some party snaps inside to make it a top-notch prank gift.

Now, put a label on the bottom of the popper. Write on the label giving clear instruction that the recipient must twist the bottom. You can also add a bow on top- a real gentleman/woman gesture to make sure your victim suspects you. 

2. You Have Been Apple-fooled!

Looking for the meanest yet the most low-effort wrapping ideas? We’ve got your covered.  You might as well write an apology card. Let’s get into it then. First, you need a seemingly brand new packaging of an iPhone. It would be great if you happen to be hoarding the boxes.

If not, try to collect it from someone. They’re also available near apple stores, obviously. Now, put it the original gift. Maybe some other brand’s cellphone?

Or a money bag-anything that won’t distort the box or create any suspicion. Give it to your annoying sibling and prepare to be bashed. Oh, and do slip in the apology note too!

3. Scotch Tape Trap

And the most frustrating wrapping idea award goes to this one. It’s pretty simple to make though. First, take a Christmas gift box and wrap it in a long plastic cover. You can find this cove anywhere, especially at the stationaries. 

Now wrap the whole box with the plastic and tape at one corner to adhere. Then continue taping it over and over again until it starts to weigh double the weight.

This will create an illusion of a heavy and loaded box! When you get to the last roll, just attach it to a box and place it on under the Christmas Tree in case this is a holiday prank. Don’t be too mean though, do keep the gift inside but make it tough to get to it.

4. Jar of Nothing

Jar of Nothing

Disclaimer: If you are hunted around the house after this gift, we’re not to blame!

This is no original idea; in fact, it’s been around for a while. Yet, the appeal of this funny gift wrapping idea doesn’t fade away. Firstly, find the biggest box you can find. You’d likely find these types of huge box in garages or stores.

Or, just get one from Amazon, it’s pretty cheap. Then, wrap it nicely with wrapping paper. Try red or green colored wrappers with glittering to make it more attractive. Now, the fun part! Put an empty jar inside. Yes, that’s it. Now, run for your life!

5. Make a concrete wrapper

You heard it right-a concrete wrapper, one that looks like a brick. This is one of the most creative gift wrapping ideas ever. You would need a few ingredients for this gift packaging.

Collect plasters, cement and water. Mix them all together. Take a plastic box. Cut out the letters from he cardboard and arrange them to write – “Smash it Now”.

Pour over the cement and plasters mixture on the plastic box. First pour half of the mixture and place the gift inside. Try not to keep anything delicate inside it.

Now, let it cool for a while. When it cools down and hardened, take it out. The letters should be visible, given that you poured the cement mix properly.

6. Zip It

This is the chance to use all the waste zippers at your home. Take a cardboard gift box. Now wrap it with a wrapping paper. Now, take out the zippers from the zipper bags. It will depend on the size of your gift box to know how many you’d need. For a moderate sized gift box, you’d need about 20 to 30 zippers.

The rest of the process if pretty simple. Just wrap around the box and then connect the zipper. Cut the extra portion protruding. There you go! Now you have a very funny looking piece of art. This one is pretty hard to open, unless the recipient knows about your mischievous way and already has scissors.

7. Memify Gifts

As we know already, 21st century’s greatest creation is memes. Why not just include them in gift wrapping as well? This is very low-effort but it does the trick. You can make your own memes about the person and print them out. Attach them on the top of the gift box and there you have it!

A meme-inspired gift wrapping that is surely would garner some laughs! Some people go an extra mile and make cardboard cut-outs of the memes and attach them. Well, certainly try this trick of your friend or family member is a big fan of internet memes.

8. Sneaky Santa

This funny gift wrapping idea was shared by a redditor and we absolutely love it. Sneak in a whiskey bottle in disguise of a guitar. This is a coming-of-age gift gone wrong way but we still love it.

Firstly, make a guitar-shaped gift box. Cut out the cardboard and wrap it in pretty wrapping paper. Now, just set it aside for the moment!

Final Words

These were some of the most popular and funny gift wrapping ideas floating around the internet. But these only scratch the surface of endless possibilities! 

You can definitely come up with your own funny gift wrapping ideas! We hope this article successfully planted the seeds of mischief!