14 Gifts for 14-Year Old Boys That Will Please Every Crowd

You’d think that by being that opinionated, teenage boys would be easier to read. In their teenage/rebellious age, it can be pretty hard to get them to say anything more than a word, let alone be vocal about what they really want as a gift.

So, you aren’t sure of his tastes and he’s not expressing them either. You don’t want to get him a gift that will make him roll his eyes to the back of the head, right? Sounds terrible, feels even worse.

On our quest of finding interesting gifts that will make this tough crowd smile, we found a ton of options for the confused shopper to choose from. Boys vary in their personality tastes, likes and dislikes, so we will try to include something for everyone.

Whether he loves spending his free hours at the library, likes the hustle of sports, or is a born gamer – this list of gifts for 14-year old boys will hopefully meet his preference. 

14 Amazing Gifts for 14-Year Old Boys

1. Fire Tablet

Fire Tablet

Allow the teen to carry entertainment with him wherever he goes. Anything from games, music, videos, e-books, and even school stuff can be kept in a Fire Tablet and taken everywhere. And he can also enjoy a ton of content without accessing the web, thanks to the microSD card. 

This stunning model features a 10.1’’ full HD display and a decent internal storage. Owing to the newest 2.0 GHz octa-core processor plus the 2 GB RAM, the device will run fast and smooth.

If you want to go all in, then why not consider an iPad? If the boy is a bookworm, an Amazon Kindle will do him better than a Fire Tablet.

2. A Musical Instrument

A Musical Instrument

This generation is hyper focused on technology and the latest gadgets. Millennials and Gen Z can agree that they grew up with a very strong pop culture influence in their life.

At one point, we all wanted to play in a band and tour the world. While that dream didn’t come true for most of us, doesn’t mean you can’t learn a musical instrument and have fun at it. 

If the boy loves music and always has headphones plugged in, a musical instrument will be just right. Check out this amazing acoustic guitar that’s beginner friendly and comes with a full set including everything you’d need – three picks, a gig bag case, pitch pipe tuner, and detachable nylon shoulder strap.

How about a sleek compact drum kit? This one features a 4 pad drum kit powered by high quality speakers and a dedicated headset.

3. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

If there’s one thing that’s risen in popularity amidst the pandemic, it’s the Nintendo Switch. This one sold out like hotcakes but have recently been brought back into stock and is sure to put a smile on any teen boy’s face (a teenager girl or an adult too!)

Sure, with the introduction of the PS5 there’s some tough competition, but you can’t beat the blue and red gaming device so easily. 

He can play all of the latest video games developed by Nintendo. And the best part is that these games can also be played on the TV. Undock the console at any time and you have a gaming device on the go.

The cherry on the icing has to be the detachable Joy-Con controllers. He can invite his friends over for hours of fun play time.

4. Portable Speaker

Portable Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are a hit with teenagers, so rest assured, this will make a fine gift for 14-year old boys. Teenagers love very few things as much as blasting music at the loudest, most obnoxious volume possible.

Doesn’t mean that we’re encouraging them to play music at an excessively loud volume, but music is a go-to element for almost everyone, so this still counts as a thoughtful present. 

Portable speakers mean that he can take it with him everywhere. Family trips, friendly hangouts, and even to the gym if he goes there. JBL has been known to come out with some of the most stellar speakers, and this one is so exception.

For the price, you’ll get crisp, balanced audio, water-resistant body, and up to 20 hours of music playtime.

5. Sports Jersey

Sports Jersey

Here’s another appropriate gifts for 14-year boys as well as girls. Get this youth NFL Jersey and flaunt your appreciation for your favorite player and team.

This jersey comes with screen printed player and team graphics, rubber collar, side mesh inserts, and flat back mesh made of 100% polyester. It’s also licensed by NFL.

6. AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro

Teenager love technology, and they love brands. Wireless headphones are all the rage right now amongst people of all ages, but teens have a special soft corner.

If you want to earn some brownie points from the teen boy you’re trying to make happy, get them AirPods. When they have headphones in, it means you won’t have to hear their music blaring at all times. Not only that, but there are also a bunch of benefits of AirPods.

Teenagers have stated that the AirPods are super helpful during online classes, especially if there are some people working in the same room. In comparison to a standard pair of AirPods, AirPods Pro have a price tag of $100 more but both of them come with wireless charging cases.

The primary difference here is that the Pros boast active noise cancellation and improved battery life.

7. Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable Clothing

You could talk to any kid, and they would say they really value comfortable clothing. Why? With their proactive and busy lifestyles, it’s obvious that comfort will be their priority. So, in these cases, what do you think is the most comfortable?

It’s the season where the cold has finally started to settle in, so why not get him a bomber jacket or pullover hoodie

After all, who would ever say they have enough hoodies? Solid colors with minimalistic logos or patterns are the most versatile and preferred, but you could also go for various patterns and themes. 

A bomber jacket can be called something that’s trendy and timeless. He will be able to get use out of it for a very long time. 

8. Drone


If there’s a gift that both adults and teenagers will be able to appreciate, it has got to be a drone. This clever equipment wasn’t that mainstream till a few years back and now, everyone wants one!

Drones may not be the cheapest item on this list, so if you’re running low on budget, you might want to look for something else.

Anyone can operate a drone as long as they’re following the instructions properly. There are models that have been made especially more beginner friendly for the ones who’ve never flew a drone before and they’re still quite high-tech.

This particular model features a 1080p HD camera that offers stunning images and videos.

Thanks to the smart Return to Home System, even if he manages to lose it somewhere or the signal gets weak, the device will return to where it was turned on. Try and resist the urge to buy one for yourself.

9. Gamer Chair

Gamer Chair

One of the best parts of childhood or adolescence is the undying urge to game. While this still exists in some more adult part of the population, a gamer chair will be quite the suitable gifts for 14-year old boys. 

Have a look at our pick, the Ace Bayou X Rocker II. This chair was made for some serious lounging. Whether he’s busy playing video games, reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing, the chair offers a surprisingly immersive experience.

Wireless audio transmission paired up with a duo of powerful speakers situated near the headrest make music a constant companion.

Did we mention there’s a built-in subwoofer in the chair? Sensory, ergonomic, and downright “hip”, this chair will be the unique gaming experience your teen deserves.

10. LEGO Technic

LEGO Technic

Sometimes, giving a child too much technology will backfire really bad. So if you’re trying to limit your teen’s screen time, giving them an interactive game will help boost their creative thinking.

And let us establish this right now: We are never too old to play with LEGOs. The best part of these fun building blocks is that the designs are constantly changing and there will always be something new in the market, something that you will definitely consider buying even if you don’t need at all.

We have to admit, those movie-themed LEGOs are true scene stealers. 

The LEGO Technic Gateway Racer is perfect for some hardcore gaming action and features an attractive design alongside a pull-back motor to facilitate quick getaways.

Some more details include extra-wide tires, vertical exhaust pipes, as well as a strong front bumper. For the ultimate experience of a car chase, assemble the LEGO Technic 42047 Police Interceptor pull-back.

11. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss Army knife is truly a multi-purpose mini tool that will help you in a ton of situations, making it a resourceful gifts for 14-year old boys. In particular, this Victorinox Swiss Army Deluxe Tinker is an elevated version of the original model for indoor and outdoor use. 

Attachments include a large blade, small blade, cap opener with little screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, bottle opener plus a wire stripper and a big locking screwdriver, key ring, reamer, toothpick, tweezers, multi-purpose hook, scissors, and pliers with wire crimper and cutter. The tool is truly ready for anything.

12. Skate Board

Skate Board

Here’s a gift that’s been a proven happy pill for ages. Your teen will surely love a sturdy skate board if he likes spending time outdoors. In any case he doesn’t, encourage him to try skateboarding – it’s a whole lot of fun and will give them their daily dose of exercise.

Our personal favorite, the WhiteFang Skateboard is really beginner friendly. Not to mention the incredible construction. 7 layers of Canadian maple deck make this 31’’ skate board a nicely sturdy piece and it can take up to 330 pounds of weight.

For safety purposes, the wheels have been selected carefully. In addition to that, the wheel will give fast response from commute suitable ground, ramps, skate parks, pools, and much more. The features on this one are quite amazing, so you could buy this, or establish it as the standard.

13. Sneakers


Let’s face it – we could all do with another pair of quality sneakers, and teenage boys are no different. If there’s one gift for 14-year old boys that we are sure 95% of the population will enjoy, it’s a pair of nice sneakers.

They were popular years ago, and they will probably continue being popular some decades from now. A super safe choice, sneakers come in a variety of colors, patterns, build, and price from multiple big and smaller brands.

You can’t go wrong with some Vans Old Skool sneakers. They’re timeless and comfortable, will last a while, and won’t burn a hole in your pocket

14. App Store Gift Cards

App Store Gift Cards

Something that’s a bit embarrassingly low effort but most of the time successful are App Store Gift Cards.

You could purchase these from the Apple or Google Play store and send it to the teen so they can use it as they like. These cards come in different values, starting from a few dollars to hundreds.


While many of us are daunted by the selection process, gifts for 14-year old boys aren’t that complicated of a topic.

We suggest you get some clue about what the teen likes and base your present off that. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts.