How To Gift Wrap A Box: A Step-by-Step Tutorial to Make You an Expert

We don’t know about everyone in general, but it’s beyond satisfying to watch gift wrapping videos on any site. And not just any wrapping tutorial – neat folds, sharp edges, and perfect taping! These videos make us wish we could present gifts with such meticulous work.

While a gift wrapper is meant to be removed and potentially thrown away, there’s just something so adorable about a nicely wrapped present.

Isn’t it amusing how many people take hours to find a gift and then struggle to wrap it properly for the element of presentation? Of course, you might be a professional at it as well, but what about the majority of the population who still rely on arbitrary folds and an alarming amount of adhesive?

Whether you’ve given up on the gift-wrap conundrum or want to sharpen your skills, this step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to gift wrap a box with utmost precision and perfection.

Stick around till the very end for some additional tips and tricks!

Why We Think Gift-Wrapping is a Useful Skill

Once you’ve learned the “art” of “wrapping presents”, you can hope to earn brownie points from your skill, whether it’s a birthday, or Christmas, or just because. Learn how to make those delicate ribbon bows, avoid common gift-wrapping mistakes, and much more with this piece.

The best part is, this gift-wrapping knowledge of yours will come in handy on almost any occasion that requires you to bring a present.

And people will certainly be in awe of you as many of us don’t really have the patience to learn such an intricate skill. Gather the required material, put your gift box on the table and start wrapping.

If you have time to spare and really want to be the best at this unique skill, practice with a rectangular box that can be easily wrapped. 

What You Will Need

We remember a time when a piece of sparkly wrapping paper used to be enough for the best presentation, but with the advent of newer, certainly cooler stationary, you can also add a bit of extra glam to your gift wrapping.

Here’s what you will need in general:

1. Wrapping paper

2. Tape

3. Scissors

Clear or double-sided tape is pretty popular and traditional, but many have been recently switching it out with washi tape. The uniqueness of these washi tapes lie in the variations in colors, patterns, and even designs.

You can make your wrapping a bit quirkier with these fun alternatives to regular tape. If you’re going for the usual, timeless, elegant packaging, then clear tape should be your go-to.

How to Gift Wrap a Box Perfectly

Now that we have listed everything we will need, let’s get on to the actual guide! Make sure to go through these steps carefully and serially to ensure the best results.

1. Assemble all the materials you will need

Gather your wrapping paper, tape, scissors, and of course, the gift itself. Clear a big, flat surface, like a kitchen counter and place everything there.

2. Secure the fragile goods

If there’s something that may break easily, secure it tightly within the box so it doesn’t move around or get damaged. You can use tissue paper to act as a sort of padding.

This way, even if the gift is prone to scratches, it’s protected. We recommend using two small strips of tape to close the box.

3. Measure and cut out wrapping paper

Here’s a common mistake that many people do. They eye-ball the measurement and cut out some wrapping paper that often turns out to be too small or too large for their gift.

If it’s too large, the packing won’t be sharp and will look loose. You won’t even be able to wrap the gift properly if you’re running short on wrapping paper. To avoid this, measure properly. 

Roll out the wrapping paper and position the gift or the box upside down in the middle of the unfurled sheet. The seams will now be at the end of the package. Pull the paper on one side and bring it over the top of the gift, extending all the way to the opposite corner.

Roughly estimate how much extra wrapping paper will be required to cover the uncovered part of the box, and now go ahead and cut the paper. Try to get the cuts as even as possible, and the best way to do so is longer cuts. If there are jagged ends, fold it below to create the smooth seam.

4. Using tape to secure the box

Make sure the box is placed on the center of the paper. Pull up a side of the paper and bring it halfway across the top and then stick it down with a piece of tape. Once you’ve gotten better with your gift-wrapping skill, you might be able to skip this step completely.

5. Make clean edges by folding

Fold over the final half-inch part of the paper to make a clean seam before taking the second part of the paper over and up of the first.

Use your fingers to form those tight, sharp creases. Trust us, this will make all the difference. In fact, these folds are what differentiates a great gift wrapping job from a mediocre one.

Now, take this side up in such a way that it overlaps the first and secure with tape. Here’s a tip: Use double-sided tape here for a seamless, cleaner look.

6. Make folds on either side of the present

Begin at one end. Create a duo of small wings at the side by folding down the top flap at that side of the present. Flatten those neatly against the surface of the box and fold the leftover triangular bit of paper against it. Affix it in place with tape.

7. Repeat folding

Stand your box up on one end with the side that’s already been completed facing down. On the opposite side, repeat step 6.

8. Add finishing touches

Here’s the part where you can get creative! Add any ribbon, decorative bows, gift tags, or wishing cards to your gift. 

And there you have it! A perfectly wrapped gift box – all by you!

Tips and Tricks to Take Your Gift Wrapping Game to Another Level

After mastering neat folds and cutting out the correct amount of wrapping paper, but your gift-wrapping still isn’t as good as you’d want it to be.

No worries! We have a bunch of tips and tricks for you on how to gift wrap a box the best way possible.

1. Make working seams

Hide the trimmed edges by folding and tucking away all the exposed ones of your wrapping paper underneath themselves. You’ll be left with new seams that have the design on them aligned with the remaining wrapping paper.

You wrapping will be so close to seamless, people won’t even believe that you didn’t get it done from a gift-wrapping professional. This hide all jagged and crooked cuts.

2. Line seams properly

These newly formed seams will naturally be a bit thicker than the raw ones, but they won’t disappear after being lined up against the box’s edges. To align the seams near the bottom of the gift box, fold everything down and adjust these folds to bring the thicker folds in line with the corners.

3. Secure the edges with tapes

After the working seams have been properly lined up along the box’s bottom edge, the tape has to be placed snaking along the edge for the best results.

Scotch Gift Wrap Tape is the typical choice for the professionals given its satiny finish. It almost disappears after being stuck on the majority of kinds of wrapping paper.

Scotch Gift Wrap Tapes

4. Sharpen folds

After you’ve carefully taped up the entire gift box, run a forefinger and thumb along all the edges of the said box in a pinching motion. Pay extra attention to the top because it’s going to be the most visible right there.

5. Bold ended ribbons are attractive

With wire ribbons or wide fabric, you can follow along the cross-section and fold the ends in half, or do a hamburger style, and trim the fold at a slight angle.

With this, the trailing part of the bow or knots a subtle, forked end. This significantly softens the edges and makes the gift box look more polished.

Bottom Line

Once you’ve gotten the basics of gift-wrapping straightened up, you can customize it as you like with colorful bows, ribbons, and much more.

There is a wide array of wrapping papers and accessories to choose from, and thus many people fin gift wrapping a bit therapeutic.

So, pick up this interesting skill and wow everyone around you with your neat and sharp folding skills.