How to Make a Gift Bag Out of Wrapping Paper

It’s safe to say that we have all been in those situations where a present needs to be wrapped, but suddenly there seems to be a shortage of boxes or bags. Either that or the gift is so unusually shaped, like a bottle of wine or a ceramic animal, that it’s impossible to wrap it the standard way.

Well, there is actually a very easy alternative – a DIY gift bag project out of wrapping paper. And it only takes four simple steps. Given how easy this is, we are pretty sure you already have all the required materials in your home right now.

Supplies Needed

Here’s what you will need. It’s highly recommended that you assemble everything in one place before starting so you don’t have to leave the project midway and go looking for this or that.

  • Wrapping paper sheets
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon, baker’s twine bows, and tissue paper

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Gift Bag Out of Wrapping Paper

  1. To make your bag, start by cutting off a piece of wrapping paper. Keep the length twice as long as the width. If needed, you can trim off some bits later on.
  2.  Lay the paper in a way that keep the longest side horizontal with the side folds facing the center of the paper. Using some tape, seal this seam.
  3. Take the bottom part of the wrapping paper and fold it to make a fold, about 3’’ to 4’’. Now, unfold the wrapping paper, release the bottom, and fold in all sides to form a triangle.
  4. Finally, make folds at the top and bottom of every flap to make them meet and the middle and use tape to secure the seams.
  5. Time to get creative! Open the newly formed gift bag at the top to find the crevice where you need to put your gift in. Add tissues and bows however you like to complement the gift.
  6. You can try a different look if you wish. Try folding the wrapping paper’s top edge over to make a cuff, fold, and tuck it in. Tape the seam down. 

In the mood to make it a bit fancier? Add a coordinating patterned wrapping paper into the exterior paper’s interior prior to the cuffing and folding to see those adorable Pinterest worthy duo-patterns.

Tips on Decorating Gift Bags

With the Holiday season approaching, boring old packaging isn’t enough. You need to add your element to it if you want your present to stand out. Plus, it’s always worth it when the gift receiver shows a positive reaction to the neatly wrapped gift.

Check out these handy tips and tricks to add that much pizzaz to your gift bag décor.

  • You will need: paper bags, printable sticker paper, printer paper, scissors or paper cutter, and glue dots. Don’t forget to keep adequate ink your printer.
  • For the best results, buy thick basic colored bags with handles. Ideally, they should be around 9’’ tall. This size seemingly works good for holding treats, gifts, favors, and gift cards too. If you’re buying in bulk, prefer for black, white, gold, and kraft bags as they’re definitely the most versatile and usable. Don’t buy the cheap bags because they will tear if you try to maneuver them too much. Plastic treat bags from the dollar store are an inexpensive yet great find.
  • You can use instant download clip art, printable, and quotes to decorate the body of the gift bag. The best part of a pre-designed printable or a digital image is that it can always be reused and it’s readily available. There is a wide range of free designs you can download off the internet to suit all occasions. There are also paid ones that promise to deliver something extra, but we will leave that judgment to you.
  • A 5’’ square label is a perfect match for a 9’’ bag. The quickest, most efficient way to do this is to directly print out the image onto a piece of printable sticker paper. You can experiment with matter or glossy photo paper if you are aiming for a specific look. For instance, sparkles and sheen are the key characteristics of Christmas, while for anniversaries s and birthdays, matte ones look more elegant. Keep in mind that the color quality of a digital image can be altered once it’s on printable sticker paper. Sometimes it’s not a big deal, other times it’s best to do it over again.
  • You can print printable bows on a thicker weight matter printer sheet. Simply cut out the bow piece using your scissors and stick the outer two tabs in the middle using a dab of glue dot. Next, attach the bow onto the ribbon. Lastly, glue it to the bag.
  • For a quick, beautiful, and easy hack to customize a gift bag is to add a printable gift tag. Heavy matter photo paper is the best medium for when printing tags. If you want to add names to the tag, input the printable pdf into the editing software. Additionally, keep pre-cut gift tags in your kit for adding names on the go. Use a Sharpie to scribble the names down because the ink on these markers doesn’t usually bleed. It’s best to use a paper cutter during cutting the tags out from the 8.5 x 11 paper. There are two wats to add a tag to the gift bag: apply some glue to the back of the bag and stick it close to the paper bow, or punch a hole before adding a ribbon to the gift tag.

Bottom Line

DIY projects are fun and useful. This “life hack” will hopefully save you a lot of stress when you can’t find the correct way to wrap a gift. Plus, it’s thoughtful and gives your creativity a chance to run free. Win-win!