iWater Deluxe: Bi-Sensors Automatic Water Tap

If you are concerned about saving water, then the iWater Deluxe is just the thing you need. The iWater Deluxe can is the most intelligent automatic water sensor available.

The iWater Deluxe has two built-in sensors for more precision. If you put an object under the sensors, it will take only 0.25 seconds to turn the tap on. It is super compact and sleek looking.

So, it won’t ruin the aesthetics of your kitchen or washroom setup.

Unlike standard automatic faucets, it doesn’t need a lot of electricity to run. It runs on batteries. And once a fresh battery is installed, it can run for six months straight!

Sometimes we forget to turn taps off. It results in flooding and high water bills.

However, you can prevent that from happening with this fantastic iWater Deluxe!

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