MemorySafeX: High-Speed 3-in-1 Backup Storage for iOS and Android Devices

A USB that will enable you to instantly take reinforcements of your photos and videos. Memory SafeX is an easy choice to make because it comes with a very easy setup.

You just need to plug it to your assigned device and you are good to go play anything. Again, if you are looking for something which can directly connect to your phone without any third-party device and take the backup instantly, then Memory SafeX would be the convenient choice for you.

Large capacities mean large storage. This USB has a storage of 64GB. This storage lets you store up to 64,000 pictures that used to be stored either on your phone or laptop or tablet.

Have an iPhone and worried about how to run this USB device on your phone? Don’t worry about that. This USB device is completely android and IOS friendly. You don’t need to take any hassle while transferring your files.

Memory SafeX ensures safe and secure transfer both for the phone and the USB device.

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