SmartSanitizer Pro: Ultraviolet Smartphone and Jewellery Sanitizer

We use a lot of accessories outdoors every day. And every time we get back to our home, these accessories carry all the germs and bacteria they accumulate.

That is why it is essential to disinfect our wallets, smartphones, earbuds, and other accessories daily.

Smart Sanitizer Pro was created with the idea of disinfecting smartphones. However, you can clean any accessory that fits in it.

It is a compact shell that can sterilize objects up to 99.99% in just six minutes.

The sanitizer uses 254nm UV rays. As a result, it can clean objects but poses no harm to humans. Again, as it is sterilized with UV, you won’t be any odor, color, or residue.

Smart Sanitizer Pro is available in multiple colors. Pick up the one that suits your taste, and get a healthier lifestyle instantly!

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